Pressure Washer Accessories

KEW accessories guarantee maximum efficiency and convenience. Tailor the machine to the job with our quality accessories, including foam equipment lances, water sandblasters, rotary brushes and more.



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ergo-3000-spray-gunErgo 3000 Spray Gun

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and maneuver

Tornado-3000-LanceTornado 3000 Lance

Robust double-pipe lance with pressure regulation at the handle

Tornado-Plus-NozzleTornado Plus Nozzle

High level of water concentration provides 75% more efficient spray profile



New optional accessory for additional comfort in working posture

Universal-3000-LanceUniversal 3000 Lance


A lightweight and simple high-pressure lance

FlexoPower-3000-LanceFlexoPower 3000 Lance

Pressure regulation at nozzle head allows for work with low-pressure detergent and rinsing

turbo-hammerTurboHammer Lance

The lance for really difficult cleaning tasks

ergo-3000-quick-connect-couplingErgo 3000 Quick Connect Coupling

Quick and easy connection of high-pressure hose to the machine


powerspeed-vario-lancePowerspeed Vario Lance

The most effective, adjustable, rotary zero-degree lance available

PowerScrub-P300PowerScrub P300

Clean flat surfaces, such as worktables, stairs and walls with no uncontrolled overspray

PowerScrub-P400-S500PowerScrub P400/S500

The 40 or 50 cm PowerScrub cleans large floor surfaces quickly

Short-Double-LanceShort Double Lance

Allows you to control the pressure, performing effective cleaning in hard-to-reach areas

Water-Sand-BlasterWater Sand Blaster

Removes rust, scale and even concrete build-up from surfaces

Armex-SoftblastingArmex Softblasting

This kit makes it easy to remove paint from surfaces without damaging the surface

washing-brush2Washing Brush

The ideal way to wash trucks, buses and camping trailers


Foam-Lance-Foam-InjectorFoam Lance & Foam Injector

This lance applies an effective foam detergent to walls and irregular surfaces

washing-brushRotary Brush

An effective wash brush driven by the water from your pressure washer