Neptune 2

Innovative, compact hot-water unit with unique vertical design, high-performance and great reliability.

nep-2-pressure-washerThe Neptune 2 model is ideal for everyday, low-frequency cleaning tasks in the automotive segment, for tradesmen or around small farms. Neptune 2 combines a unique, highly mobile design with great performance levels and groundbreaking features from the larger Neptune lines. Neptune 2 ensures low cost of cleaning with reduced running costs and low storage requirements due to the compact design, yet a high level of reliability thanks to the many safety functions and professional materials used. It is an unbeatable addition to the hot-water line.
Basic Specifications
Neptune 2-20
1,000 PSI
2.5 GPM
1 x 115 V
Neptune 2-30
2,000 PSI
3.0 GPM
1 x 230 V
More Information
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